2 Best Computer Gadgets Clock For Home

Looking for Computer Gadgets Clock for Home these are retro alarm clock stands for your home, Google Home Mini and Echo Dot 3 retro alarm clock. Everybody welcome to Gadgets Mario where we help tech work for you. So, we had this company reach out and ask if we wanted to try out their retro alarm clocks for the echo dot 3 and the Google home mini. So, these products were sent to us for this review.

Computer Gadgets Clock For Home Retro Alarm Clock

So, first echo dot 3 from Computer gadgets clock for home list, it does come in a black or a white version and you’ll see that it has little areas around where you can actually hear the sound coming from the echo dot. So, let me guide you on how you can get these installed.

Best Computer Gadgets Clock For Home

Echo Dot 3

Price: $13.99

Echo Dot 3

Product Detail

  • Colors: Black/White
  • Material: Plastic


  • Classic alarm clock designed for 3rd generation.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Portable & safe.

First, let’s go to the echo dot 3. Some of the benefits of the retro alarm clock is it adds some protection and it gives you a unique clock design which is pretty cool to have. Then, on the back, it says that it sits perfectly. It’s easy to install and you receive better sound. Inside the box you will have everything that you need to get this installed. It comes with a little screwdriver, the prep room, enough screws and then a pad for the bottom of the device.

So, the first thing you will need to do is pick the echo dot three, aligning the power cord so that you have access to plug it in. Then you will need to screw on the back and it perfectly fits inside. So, it’s pretty easy to put together.

Now, you just need to install the eight screws on the back of the device. You can do this all with the included screwdriver. Once complete, you will now take to handle pieces and you will screw them together.

Next, you will take the plastic bells and clip them on top of the device and then it will take the handlebar and screw it in.

Then, the last step is to take the grip pad and place it on the bottom. You make sure that you place it a little bit back so it does have a good grip. When it’s sitting down you then can wrap the power cable around little prongs on the back of the device for cable management.

Google Home Mini

Price: $12.99

Google Home Mini

Product Detail

  • Colors: Black/Gold/Orange/White
  • Material: Plastic


  • Decoration alarm clock Google home mini.
  • Easy to assemble and use with installation guides.

Lightweight, Portable & safe.

Now, let’s check out the Google Home Mini from our Computer gadgets clock for home list. So, this offers many of the same benefits protect in unique design. You’ll see that the Google Home Mini has a bit of bump and bruises on it so this would have been nice to have. So, the installation process is very similar to the echo dot three.

First, place the Google home mini inside the alarm clock, making sure that the USB port and the mute switch is aligned as well as the reboot button down on the bottom.

Then, you can place on the top and hold it firmly while you install the eight screws on the back. This part definitely requires the most patience. Screw the handlebar together clip on the bells and then screw on the handlebar.

Now, you’re ready to plug in the micro USB cable and route the cable around the back and then for the last step you’re going to put the grip pad on the bottom. So, that it does not move around on our nightstand.

If we talk about its color, I like blue and yellow because they remind me of a sunny day and red and green because they remind me of the holidays. I also like them because they’re Google’s colors.

When installed you still have access to the touch volume controls on the side as well as long-pressing for pausing and playing music.

So, all of the speakers are enclosed in this. It adds a little bit more protection but it is able to still produce sound out here. On round the side it sounds how are you today like a Kraken out of its cage, I’m feeling wild and free now let’s talk to the Google mini, how are you today, I’m doing great thanks for  asking.

Now, since the Google Mini speakers are in a little bit different place it didn’t have to wrap all the way around those. But you still have all the sound coming forward. Now, that you have them installed, go ahead and listen to music through each of them just to see how it sounds.

So, after listening to music on these for a bit I felt like the echo dot 3 is a little bit muffled, just because, it’s pretty much enclosed all of the sounds and it has to project through little holes on the front. So, that would be my only complaint about this.

But over on the Google home, sound comes out just fine. It’s really nice because it’s more projected into the room because it’s standing up instead of lying flat.

A few other cool things that I really like are on the echo dot. Whenever you activate it actually shows the ring around the outside which gives it a really cool look.

Now, I really do like the look of the retro alarm clock just because you can make these devices be the new alarm clock of today and you can set those to go off every single day. So, that’s really cool to have that same consistent look. Please share your opinion about our Computer gadgets clock for home list.

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