Gadgets buying guide – Do you know what a gadget is?

Examples of gadgets

Do you know what a gadget is?

A machine can be anything that can simplify our work. And gadgets are small machines which can be manual, battery or electricity operated. Technology is changing day by day and we are also changing with it. If you want to apply less effort and gain more results, then there are many devices available in the market to do it. It is just matter of time you search for a specific device, do research about it and pick the right tool for the trade. That’s why this Gadgets buying guide exists.

History of gadgets

No one knows who invented the term gadget but it is strongly believed that this term was used in 18th century for the first time. It was referenced for a tool used for glass making. Glass dictionary states “A Gadget is a metal rod with a spring clip that grips the foot of a vessel and avoids the use of pontil.” Courtesy Wikipedia

Examples of Gadgets

We need smart devices in our daily routines because they help us to save some time and effort. Examples of gadgets are smart cooktop, doorbell, smart door lock, bluetooth devices, USB drive, microphone, iPod, iPhone, android phone, smart tv, PSP, wireless devices etc.

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Why Use Gadgets?

Stylish gadgets and devices in Hollywood spy movies are displayed to attract a large number of viewers. These movies extensively use futuristic gadgets to show how cool a character can be. So, We are inspired by these movies and want to have these devices for our stylish look.

My Story of Gadgets buying guide

In my childhood when a laser torch was introduced, I was so amazed by it and its range from point A to point B which was pretty long. So, I decided to buy one for me but its cost was high for a child. So, I started collecting money and one day I was the owner of this laser sight torch. I showed it to my class mates and they were mesmerized with it. I also attached this laser sight torch to my plastic pistol and the result was crazy looking futuristic gun.

baby gun

Reasons To Use Gadget

Here was my childhood reason to use gadget and I am sure you can also come up with an interesting story from your past or present. Due to advancement in technology, many amazing devices are coming up on the surface to amaze its users.

cell phone devices

We use many gadgets daily and we don’t even know. Gadgets are everywhere even if you are using a toaster, an air conditioner, TV set, Computers, laptop or your smart phones. We use gadgets daily because they are part of our lives now. Having many useful gadget around us can ease our work or can entertain us as well.

This Gadgets buying guide shall surely help you to know many things about various devices.

We use gadgets when:

  1. We want to make our work more effective.
  2. When we want to make contact with our dear ones who are many miles away from home and we just want to see a glimpse of them or talk to them. Web camera and microphone over internet help us achieve this goal.
  3. We use various smart devices when we want to monitor our babies and educate our kids.
  4. If we compare old devices with new ones then we shall know that technology today is more advanced and more stylish. Now-a-days, devices take less space in room or desk and are on the go like smart phones.
cell phone lady

Rise of smart devices

Today, we see various devices while you can find old ones as well for sale. We do not consider buying old tech because they are heavy, outdated and take more space than present tech devices. We buy smart devices because they look cool, take less space and are very much affordable.

How to choose the best gadgets for your job? Gadgets buying guide

You must take into consideration some facts while deciding to buy a new gadget like will new device will fit into your surroundings? Will it complete your job demands? What power source will it require to turn on? Write all the requirements on paper which applies.

Due to huge competition in the market, companies try to make a device model which is efficient, durable and according to their customers need.

But the first priority of companies is the market sales. So, I am sure you’ve seen devices in the market from major companies that are expensive and lack many features as compared to medium size company devices.

research desk

You must do a little research before buying your new device as it shall be your companion for a long time and it shall be your investment. When you research many requirements come into your mind and they went into your final idea.

So, you can make summary or all requirements and then pick a gizmo that completes maximum requirements from your list. I have made a list of things which can be your guide according to which you can pick the right gadget for you.

Gadgets buying guide for newbies

gadgets buying guide

1. Usage and environment demands

Appearance of a gadget is very important when you want to use it several times daily, also take into consideration your environment changes. A device which you want to buy should not accidentally break, it should not break after accidental drop, dust and dirt should not affect its performance.

2. Power needs

Take into consideration the power needs of a specific device. Does it come up with a power source? Does it need a battery? If it’s a small device like ear pods then how you’ll remain safe if battery explodes accidentally. Use smart devices but remain on the safe side.

3. Easy to use

Your gadget should be easy to operate. Cool gadgets offer many features but you can use these features if you are able to access them. Bluetooth and WIFI devices need a connection with a remote device to work. You can buy these devices only if you are able to make device connection with Bluetooth or WIFI technology.

4. Support and repair services

Many devices come up with limited warranty period and in the warranty period if device breaks down, it is responsibility of manufacturer to repair it. If your manufacturer is sitting across the border then you’ll find it difficult to claim your warranty. Keep this in mind while ordering a smart device online.

6. Continuity of devices

Smart-phones Android or iPhone updates their features from time to time. Likewise your smart device must be able to accept company updates. On the other hand, if you’re purchasing a device for a longer period of time then make sure that its support will be available and this device shall be available in the market.

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What do you think? Does this Gadgets buying guide answers all your questions?

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